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(this is an august 2012 photo)

There are times when people have to be practical. Just like growing some fruit trees in your home garden.

One of the recommended fruit trees you can grow is the Duku. This is a type of lanzones that is popular in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In recent years, Filipinos are increasingly becoming aware of this fruit tree because it has been proven that it can also grow here in this country.

In San Pablo City, Renato Belen is excited about his five-year-old Duku which he planted between his rambutan trees. It has fruited heavily this year. And that is one reason why he has planted hundreds of them in another property.

In Davao City, there are already many planters who are growing Duku. One of them is Angel Galang who has some trees growing with his Durian.

The Duku is a heavy bearer. And one good thing about the fruits is that they are sweet and do not have as much latex as the ordinary lanzones. It can be grown under coconut trees. One characteristic that makes it better than the ordinary lanzones is that its branches are more widespreading, hence it has more productive branches.

What is important is to fertilize the tree adequately so that it will grow faster and will also produce more fruits. Balanced nutrition will call for the application of well-decayed manure, a mixture of urea, complete fertilizer, phosphorous and microelements.

Grafted Duku is recommended for planting as this will bear fruit earlier than those grown from seed. ■

“Duku: A Fruit Tree For Your Garden”

Written by Zac B. Sarian

Source: Manila Bulletin

C-6 Weekend Home and Garden Section

August 15, 1998